Listen to how your teammates answer one simple question (that you might be asking already!) and you’ll learn a critical piece of info about them.

In a world where some of us work closely with colleagues thousands of miles away and hybrid schedules mean fewer casual chats in the breakroom, getting to know teammates is tough. 

We’re not opposed to silly gimmicks. Our own team once very enjoyably played “Guess Whose Refrigerator!” to kick off a remote meeting. But a surprisingly mundane question can be a great way to learn one important thing about your teammates—their temperament. 

The question: How was your weekend?

When asked routinely on Monday mornings, patterns will likely emerge over time in your teammates’ responses. 

YELLOW teammates are likely to highlight…

  • The fun they had: “The concert was incredible!”
  • The people they hung out with: “I saw my sister, which is always nice.”
  • The stories they lived to tell: “It was epic!”

RED teammates are likely to highlight…

  • The tasks they accomplished: “Knocked out a ton of yardwork.”
  • The efficiency they achieved: “Soccer wrapped up early so we…”
  • The plans they’ve already made for next weekend: “It’ll be busy!”

BLUE teammates are likely to highlight…

  • The way they recharged: “I stayed home Saturday for a quiet night in. It was amazing.”
  • The good friends they connected with: “My childhood best friend was in town for a visit.”
  • The things that went awry: “It turned into a huge mess.”

GREEN teammates are likely to highlight…

  • The one hobby they have: “I hike with a group every Saturday morning.”
  • The people they supported: “My friend is in a band so I went to their show.” 
  • The amount they slept and/or chilled: “I pretty much just watched football all day.”

Listen closely for these themes in the way your teammates describe their weekends and you can identify their temperaments. And knowing that unlocks a wealth of valuable information about them—most importantly, the kind of words you can say to bring out their best. 

So tell us: How was YOUR weekend?

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