Meet our Books and the Author Behind Them

I Said This,
You Heard That

Your wiring colors every conversation. It’s why some words inspire you and others overwhelm. Why some interactions delight you and others do not. Why some relationships are easy and others… aren’t. So before you open your mouth (or ears) again, read this book.

The framework you’ll learn will unlock a better way to communicate with your loved ones, colleagues, friends, siblings, neighbors, and even the cashier at the grocery store. Included inside the book is a unique, scratch-off code that provides instant access to a 40-question digital assessment to identify your wiring. Plus, you'll also find quick-reference guides to learn and remember the framework and conversation starters for use at home, work, or with any group.

A Grown-Up's Guide
To Kids' Wiring

We've all said things like, "He has to calm down." "She has to speak up!" "Why won’t they just do what I tell them to do?" No matter the age or stage, kids are . . . hard. But understanding their wiring might change the way you look at (and speak to) every child that crosses your path from this day forward.

Communication expert Kathleen Edelman has spent three decades helping grown-ups make sense of the kids around them. The result? Better behavior, better relationships. In this book and the six videos that go along with it (free on YouTube), she’ll do the same thing for you and the kids in your family, in your classroom, or on your team.

Meet Communication Coach Kathleen Edelman


Kathleen Edelman has one goal in life... to help people learn to speak kindly to one another. She has spent 30 years counseling and coaching kids and families on the art of communication, using the four temperaments as a foundation. She has a master's degree in Christian Counseling Psychology, a big heart for educators, and a surprising passion for fast cars and martial arts. She is married and has two grown children.