We're trying to change the world oneat a time.

Although we’ll settle for helping that one person in your life feel a little less aggravating.

Every word you say (and hear) is colored by your wiring.

That’s why some words inspire you and others overwhelm. Why some conversations delight you and others don’t. Why some relationships are easy and others… aren’t.

The secret to less strife at home and less stress at work is using your words for good. So we’re on a mission to teach people how.

Want to know our secret?

It’s the four temperaments framework, and we’re trying to make sure it’s not a secret any longer.

The four temperaments is a communication framework that helps you better understand your wiring and easily identify others’.

Your wiring impacts your words—the ones you say and the ones you hope are said to you. So think of the four temperaments as a shortcut to knowing the right words to say, whether you’re talking to your boss, colleagues, friends, siblings, spouse, children, or the cashier at the grocery store.

Many personality frameworks help you better understand yourself, but their usefulness ends there. Or they’re so complicated that it’s hard to figure out how they apply to others in your life. The four temperaments are so easy to learn (just four colors!) and so fun to spot in others that you won’t be able to stop—we promise.


We’re teaching the four temperaments to everyone we can.

Through our books, presentations, and the work of communication coach Kathleen Edelman, we’ve seen this framework radically improve corporate cultures, team dynamics, classroom atmospheres, and family relationships.

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